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A wonderful place on our doorstep

In the beginning

In the 18th century, John Burdon set about transforming the Hardwick Estate into his own pleasure grounds.   To achieve this he employed John Paine a leading architect of the time.   Together they created a garden that although heavily engineered looked completely natural.   Paine created ornamental buildings, 'ruins', lakes and woodland that looked like they had always been part of the landscape.   Even the Serpentine was created to look like a river flowing through the Park.

The reawakening

The decline of Hardwick Park began in the early 1800's.   Overtime the original layout vanished in a tangle of undergrowth and many of the buildings turned into ruins, hidden under trees.    Local residents were concerned that the historial importance of Hardwick Park was being lost and so, in 1999, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Durham County Council begun the restoration of Hardwick Park. It has undergone a massive transformation into the wonderful place it is today.

Come, explore, enjoy.

Beautiful views, rich remains, nature all around.   Lake, woodland, wildflower meadows attract a variety of birds, insects and mammals.   Appreciate Hardwick Park for it's tranquility and green space.  Come and feed the ducks, walk the dog - Hardwick Park has something for everyone.   What not call into Hardwick Hall Hotel, use the gate at the bottom of our garden on the circuit walk and pop in for afternoon tea, a drink or a bar snack.  

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